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40th Anniversary of UNAFEI

Programme for the Anniversary Ceremony

Date and Time: 2:00 p.m. 2nd October 2002
Venue: Conference Room, Ministry of Justice, Japan
Coordinator: Ms. Tomoko Akane, Deputy Director of UNAFEI

1. Opening

2. Opening Addresses

Director of UNAFEI Mr. Kunihiko Sakai
Chairman, Board of Directors, ACPF Mr. Minoru Shikita

3. Congratulatory Speeches

Minister of Justice, Japan Ms. Mayumi Moriyama
Representative of Centre for International Crime Prevention, UN Office for Drug Control and Crime Prevention Mr. Slawomir Redo
Justice of the Supreme Court, Japan Mr. Tsugio Kameyama
Prosecutor-General, Japan Mr. Akio Harada
Deputy Commissioner General of the National Police Agency, Japan Mr. Iwao Uruma
Director-General of the multilateral cooperation department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Japan Mr. Kaoru Ishikawa
President of the Japan International Cooperation Agency Mr. Takao Kawakami

4. Addresses

First Deputy Prosecutor General of the Supreme People's Prosecution Service, China Mr. Liang Guoqing
Director of Public Prosecutions Office, Fiji Mr. Josaia Naigulevu
Former Minister of Justice, Korea Mr. Chung Haechang
Prosecutor-General, Laos Mr. Khampane Philiavong
Former Attorney-General, Nepal Mr. Badri Bahadur Karki
Chief Public Prosecutor, Papua New Guinea Mr. Choronox Manek
Assistant Chief State Prosecutor, the Philippines Mr. Severino H. Gana, Jr.
Attorney-General, Thailand Mr. Wichian Wiriyaprasit
Representative of the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific Ms. San Yuenwah

5. Commemorative Presentation

Chairman, Board of Directors, ACPF Mr. Minoru Shikita

6. Closing

Commemorative Symposium- Programme and Draft Report of Panel Discussions (PDF)

Anniversary Ceremony (Opening)

Anniversary Ceremony

Congratulatory Speech by the Minister of Justice, Japan

Congratulatory Speech by the Prosecutor-General, Japan

Congratulatory Speech by the Attorney-General,Thailand