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Frequently Asked Questions - General

Q.1 Do you have any job openings/part-time jobs/internships available?
All staff of UNAFEI are, in general, appointed from among the personnel of Japan's Ministry of Justice (MOJ). However, we may judge individual applications on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us for further information.
Q.2 How can I purchase a copy of a UNAFEI publication?
UNAFEI publications are not for sale. However, our publications are donated to relevant bodies of Criminal Justice Systems in and out of Japan, libraries of leading domestic and foreign universities, and public libraries such as the Library of Congress.Therefore, You may access our publications through these libraries. If there are any Criminal Justice agencies who wish to obtain our publications, please contact us for further information.
Q.3 I would like to conduct a research/training course in cooperation with UNAFEI. Does UNAFEI offer financial assistance/materials/lecturers?
UNAFEI does not provide financial assistance. We are a professional training institute specializing in criminal justice matters, which conducts training courses/seminars requested by JICAExternal link. We are not an institute which grants financial assistance. However, we may provide materials or lecturers in some circumstances. Please contact us for further information.
Q.4 Where can I find information about UNAFEI's training courses/seminars.
Please visit the "Activities" section of our site.
Q.5 Where can I obtain information about Japan's Criminal Justice System?
Please visit the Related Institutes page of this site.