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Ninth Regional Seminar on Good Governance for Southeast Asian Countries

UNAFEI has hosted the Regional Seminar on Good Governance for Southeast Asian Countries, known as the GG seminar, annually since 2007. The seminar is held in support of activities to establish the rule of law and good governance in Southeast Asian countries, to contribute to capacity building for criminal justice practitioners, and to promote mutual understanding and cooperation among Southeast Asian countries.

The ninth GG seminar, which was co-hosted by UNAFEI, the Attorney General’s Office of the Republic of Indonesia ("AGO") and the Corruption Eradication Commission ("KPK"), was held at JW Marriott Hotel in Jakarta, Indonesia from 24 to 26 November 2015. Nineteen criminal justice practitioners (investigators, prosecutors and officers of anti-corruption agencies) from ten ASEAN countries participated in the seminar. Mr. Tony Kwok Man-wai, an international anti-corruption consultant and the former Deputy Commissioner of the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) of Hong Kong, attended as a visiting expert. Mr. Adnan Pandu Praja, Vice Commissioner of the KPK, Ms. Laksmi Indriyah, Acting Head of the Legal and International Relations Bureau of the AGO, and Mr. Honsei Kozo, Minister (Deputy Chief of Mission) of the Embassy of Japan in Indonesia, attended the opening ceremony. Mr. Mohammad Yusfidli Adhyaksana, Acting Head of the Asset Recovery Office of the AGO, and Mr. Dedie A. Rachim, Director of Fostering Networks between Commissions and Institutions of the KPK, attended the closing ceremony.

The main theme of this seminar was "Current Challenges and Best Practices in the Investigation, Prosecution and Prevention of Corruption Cases - Sharing Experiences and Learning from ActualCases". Each participant presented actual cases in each country related to two sub-topics, "Mutual Legal Assistance and Recovery of Proceeds of Corruption" and "Public-Private Partnership to Prevent and Detect Corruption", and shared best practices based on actual cases and discussed possible solutions to challenges faced by each country. Also, the participants learned best practices and advanced approaches to anti-corruption from all over the world through special lectures by Mr. Kwok.

Some participants presented successful cases of tracing, freezing, and repatriating illicit proceeds of corruption by coordinating with law enforcement agencies of other countries. Other participants presented new approaches to prevention and detection of corruption based on cooperation with the private sector and the general public. The presentations of all participants reflected the current situation of anti-corruption practices in each country. After each presentation, the participants eagerly exchanged opinions on the situation of each country and sought possible solutions to challenges. The seminar was concluded by the presentation of the Chair’s Summary of the discussions.

The report of the Ninth Regional Seminar on Good Governance for Southeast Asian Countries

  • Click herePDF to read the Keynote Address delivered by the Deputy Director of UNAFEI.
  • Click herePDF to read the Chair's Summary.

Commemorative Photo of the Participants

Opening Speech by Mr. Praja

Opening Remarks by Ms. Indriyah

Video Message by Director Yamashita

Keynote Address by Deputy Director Morinaga

Special Lecture by Mr. Kwok

Presentation by Participants