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Exchange Programme between the Japanese Prosecution Service and the Supreme People's Procuracy of Viet Nam

This programme started in 2001 as a part of the technical assistance project for Viet Nam conducted by the International Cooperation Department (ICD) of the Ministry of Justice. In this programme, senior or high-ranking officials from the Supreme People's Procuracy of Viet Nam and Japan's prosecution service/Ministry of Justice visit Japan (Japan session) and Viet Nam (Viet Nam session) , respectively, to share and discuss the latest trends, legislation and practices in the criminal justice field with senior officials and criminal justice practitioners in both countries. The programme has been organized by UNAFEI since 2016 as described below.

For further information on the ICD's legal technical assistance to Viet Nam, please refer to the ICD website by clicking the link below:別ウィンドウで開きます

1. Japan session

Course No. Duration Theme No. of Participants
23rd 12-19 Jan. 2024 Criminal Justice Response to Cyber Crimes 2
22nd 15-17 Feb. 2023 Judicial Reform in the Supreme People’s Procuracy of S.R. Viet nam 2
20th 25–29 Nov. 2019 Effective questioning of witnesses / Coordination between superior offices and subordinate offices 2
19th 18–22 Feb. 2019 Practical challenges in mutual legal assistance 2
18th 12–16 Mar. 2018 Amendment of the Criminal Procedure Code in Viet Nam in 2015 2
17th 11–15 Jul. 2016 Amendment of the Penal Code and the Criminal Procedure Code in Viet Nam in 2015 2

2. Viet Nam session

Course No. Duration Theme No. of Participants
15th 12-15 Mar. 2024 Protecting Prosecutors from Undue Interference Including Bribery 2
14th 27 Feb.-2 Mar. 2023 Judicial Reform in Viet Nam SPP 2
13th 23–28 Sep. 2019 Recent development of criminal procedure in Japan (e.g. plea agreement system), High-tech crime and cybercrime, and Asset recovery and corruption–related crimes 3
12th 19–23 Nov. 2018 Recent trends and legislation in the field of criminal justice and Anti-corruption measures in Japan 3
11th 10–14 Dec. 2017 Recent development of the criminal justice system and its influence on the duties of prosecution, International cooperation, and Investigation and adjudication of high-tech crimes 2
10th 13–18 Nov. 2016 Legal training and Liability of juristic persons 2